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Occupation Health Testing Artois, CA

If you are an employer or individual in need of occupational health testing services, Occupational Health Testing USA provides occupational health screenings for all OSHA and DOT job requirements at many locations in Artois, CA and the surrounding areas. Our occupational health testing services are available for employers in need of pre-employment, post-accident, fit for duty or annual testing requirements. We also provide testing for individuals in need of any employment or personal related health evaluations. In many cases, our Artois, CA locations are within minutes of your home or office and same day service is available.

Occupational Health Services In Artois, CA

  • DOT Physicals (FMCSA, PHMSA, FAA, FRA, FTA, USCG 719K/E)
  • Pre-Employment Physicals
  • Audiograms
  • TB Chest X-ray
  • EKG
  • Lab Metabolic Panel
  • Lab Lipid + Glucose Panel
  • Lab – Hep B Panel
  • Lab- MMR Titer
  • Kraus Weber Lower Back Evaluation
  • Lift Test
  • OSHA Respirator Questionnaire
  • Respirator Fit Test – Qualitative
  • Respirator Fit Test – Quantitative
  • Hep B Vaccination
  • MMR Vaccine
  • TDAP Vaccine
  • TP/PPD Skin Test
  • Varicella Vaccine #1
  • Vision Test Ishihara
  • Vision Test Snellen
  • Vision Test Jaeger
  • Drug Testing
  • Alcohol Testing

Occupational Testing Locations in Artois, CA

(Not All Testing Centers Perform All Tests)

What is Occupational Health

Occupational health is a field of healthcare involving multiple fields dedicated to the well-being and safety of employees in the workplace, with a strong focus on injury prevention and education. Some occupational health services include employee wellness, Pre-placement services, ergonomics, occupational therapy, and occupational medicine.

Occupational health refers to the identification and control of the risks arising from physical, chemical, and other workplace hazards in order to establish and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. These hazards may include chemical agents and solvents, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, physical agents such as loud noise or vibration, and physical hazards such as electricity or dangerous machinery.

Since 1986, the NIEHS has supported training and education programs designed to protect workers and their communities from exposure to toxic materials encountered during hazardous waste operations and chemical emergency response. This includes safety and health training for workers who are involved in hazardous waste removal and comprehensive training and environmental restoration for residents living near heavily polluted industrial waste sites.

Local Area Info: Artois, California

Artois, formerly known as Germantown, is a census-designated place in Glenn County, California, USA. It is located 5 miles (8 km) north of Willows, at an elevation of 167 feet (51 m), in the northern Sacramento Valley of California. It is located on the former United States Highway 99W, and is bypassed to the west by Interstate Highway 5. It is served by the California Northern Railroad, formerly the west Sacramento Valley line of the Southern Pacific Railroad. Its coordinates are approximately 39°37' N 122°12' W. The ZIP code for Artois is 95913. The community is inside area code 530. The population was 295 at the 2010 census.

The name stems from the ancient province in France where the method of boring artesian wells was first adopted. Artois was formerly named Germantown, and petitions to change the Germantown post office name were successful with Artois adopted on May 21, 1918. Local belief is that a World War I troop train stopped to water at Germantown and a riot ensued when the troops took offense at the name. The town was then renamed after the Battles of Artois.

On May 4, 1878, blacksmith Christian Mutschler (also spelled Mutchler) and his friends John Kelley and Henry Holmes got into an argument with a saloon keeper named Hageman. Mutschler, who was suspected of starting a fire in St. John, California the year before, was persuaded by Kelley and Holmes, along with W. Hagaman, F. Todt, Charles Hansen and Carl Regensberger to set a bag of shavings afire in the saloon. A couple of cowboys having a drink witnessed Mutschler lighting the shavings and shot him in the leg. Mutschler was charged with arson by the Justice of the Peace, a man named Boardman. Oddly, no charges were brought up on the cowboys. No one would testify against Mutschler so Boardman released him. Mutschler wasted no time in getting out of town, but the local stage was ordered not to let Mutschler ride. He started limping towards Orland, California in the hot sun. Mutschler's friend, John Kelley swore out a complaint that Mutschler had threatened his life, and a deputy was sent up the road to arrest the hapless blacksmith. Mutschler's bail was set at a thousand dollars, which he could not pay. Because Germantown did not have a jail, Mutschler was put into the protective custody of Constable William McLane, the owner of another Germantown saloon, where the prisoner was kept during the night. During the early morning hours of May 5, 1878, a group of twelve to fourteen masked men burst into the saloon and took Mutschler about a quarter of a mile away and shot him to death. Mutschler's friends, Holmes, Kelley, Hansen, Regensberger and a man known as R. Radcliff were all arrested for the crime. Their trial started on December 14, 1878, but was immediately dismissed due to missing witnesses.

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